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Thought I would post a clip of V.I.P. performing in front of a crowd (well, I guess they’re in between songs) just to give a sense of how they are live.  This is an old video (2006), and this is in New York City.

And here is “U Go Kill Me” by Sarkodie – he has a pretty different style than V.I.P. or F.O.I., but he did collaborate with them on their latest track “Which King Yawa B Dis.”  The “U Go Kill Me” video doesn’t feature a whole lot of azonto itself, but this song is one of the most popular in Ghana, especially when it comes to azonto dance.  You can pretty clearly hear him rapping in Twi here, and V.I.P. uses Twi in their lyrics as well.

I myself am pretty excited that so many Ghanaian artists are coming to Haverford – it’s been less than two months since I got back to the U.S. from Ghana and after spending as much time as I did there, I am way homesick for it.  The Ghanaian national football (soccer as we call it here) team played against Chile a couple weeks ago in Philly, so right now is not a bad time to be missing Ghana in the Philly area.

I’m really behind when it comes to blogs and computer technology in general so let’s hope this post goes through with all the links intended…


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