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Derrick N. Ashong & Soulfège Rain Down

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Love Rain Down” comes from Derrick N. Ashong & Soulfège’s new album ‘AFropolitan.’ The animated musical film re-imagines the “crossroads” myth of the blues singer Robert Johnson and re-tells it to embody West African Akan culture and values. The tale goes that Johnson took his guitar to the devil at a crossroad, who tuned it and henceforth owned the singer’s talent and soul. In DNA (Derrick)’s version, an old man tells the story of a boy named Johnny, who goes to the devil at a crossroad and sings a song about love. This time, “Gyenyame” (the Adinkra symbol for reverence of God) emanates from the boy’s amulet to envelop the devil and his pit bull. Droplets fall, and love literally rains down. DNA writes on that the story shows a “reverence for ancestral wisdom” and the passing of that wisdom and strength “generationally and geographically (from Africa to America and beyond).”

Their song “Sweet” was shot with a team of artists and youth activists from Boston and Accra working together.

DNA (Derrick) speaks for Arts Action Fund: “What we need to do as Americans who are for the arts is to shift our positioning, and not to present ourselves as people who are in need of help from the broader society. And as you go out to recruit these million members, not to tell them that we need your support, but that our nation needs what we are offering.”


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A tri-college symposium that explores questions and creative practices concerning global entrepreneurship in Ghanaian music scenes. Featuring Blitz the Ambassador, Derrick N. Ashong & Soulfège, and Paapa.

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