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highlife. ghanaian party music with hella horns and more guitars than i’ve got fingers.

a.b. crentsil looks kind of mad here but i promise he’s a super great dude. check out his track angelina —

highlife was all i listened to for the latter half of my sophomore year. this is taking me back so hard i’m almost ready to cry. imagine getting all ready for the summer with these as your jams.

j.a. adofo and the city boys band is probably my all-time fave highlife group. they are so good. go find some of their tapes and get ready to cry your eyes out as you think about yr exes and hot summer nites.

this is a real-ass protest song. fuck shit like “we shall overcome”, i wanna hear apocalyptic horns if a song is telling me to overthrow the govt. this album’s been getting some attention, it got a nice vinyl reissue last year with kind of a weird blue cover. i have it, it’s pretty dope. wish the drums were louder on this track but what can you do.

not totally sure which drugs they were on when they made this but listen to that goddamned guitar. crush up all yr drugs and make this ten minute jam last forever

so man a bunch of dudes are gonna come and some of them’ll rap over tracks like these, so be there. these tracks fucking rule. ghana rules.


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  1. Thanks for these great highlife songs and memories, Ben.

    A couple of V.I.P’s songs with strong highlife rhythms and beats are “Manenko” (“Let him/her go,” in Twi, the most common local language in Ghana) and “Ahomka Womu” (“Spice/ginger is inside/part”…aka you’re hot, in Twi)


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