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Want to hang with the GMGE artists?

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Get in touch. They’ll need Personal Assistants/Best Buddies while they’re here. That could mean a) guiding them to the closest restroom, b) dashing to CVS for V8 juice and a jar of honey, c) discussing the evolution of hip hop over sushi in the Coop café, d) all of the above. Blitz arrives Thursday afternoon, Derrick N. Ashong & Soulfège Friday afternoon. Paapa‘s a student at Reed and he’s probably okay, but if you want to hang with him that’s cool too.

Email with your name, school, year, preferred artist, and reason of interest.

Also get in touch if you have a car and can be on call for car run duty before the Friday concert. My mom baked treats and there may be rewards…


About gmge323

A tri-college symposium that explores questions and creative practices concerning global entrepreneurship in Ghanaian music scenes. Featuring Blitz the Ambassador, Derrick N. Ashong & Soulfège, and Paapa.

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