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Liked the music? Get it FREE

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Download Paapa’s songs for free. Download Derrick N. Ashong & Soulfège’s album ‘AFropolitan’ for free. Listen to Blitz the Ambassador. Like them on Facebook: BlitzAmbassadorsoulfegepaapa.skillion. Follow on twitter @BlitzAmbassador, @ashong, @PaapaMusic

Check out the Links & Downloads page for more. Click here for the facebook album. Oh and if you haven’t seen, here’s the vid.


GMGE Was Amazing!

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Paapa had all of Founders Great Hall dancing azonto to his “Dear Grace” remix. Blitz the Ambassador and the Embassy Ensemble seized the stage with killer sound and visuals. Derrick N. Ashong & Soulfège kept the groovy vibes going til the wee hours. DJ Put On finished off the night with West African tunes. Word is GMGE was one of the best shows the school has seen this HaverGeneration. Click on over for PHOTOS…. and a blog post by GMGE photographer Jonathan Yu, HC ’12.

Blitz the Ambassador seized the stage (photo: Jonathan Yu)

The concert was Friday, March 23, but that wasn’t all. Blitz and Paapa discussed music, entrepreneurship, and changing technologies on a panel moderated by Haverford Anthropology Professor Jesse Shipley (director of ‘Living the HipLife‘) that Thursday evening in Haverford’s Sharpless Auditorium. They told stories of their own beginnings in the music industry (some more recent than others…) and weighed in on Ghanaian and African music in a global market. The panel was preceded by a screening of Blitz’s own ‘Native Sun‘ (watch it, 20 minutes, absolutely gorgeous) and Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi’s ‘HomeGrown: Hip Life in Ghana,’ which follows the number one HipLife music group V.I.P.

Paapa led an azonto craze (photo: Jonathan Yu)

Friday before the concert, DNA & Soulfège talked politics and poetics over pizza with Bryn Mawr’s 360° class, and at one point Derrick broke out in rap. The class had just returned from a spring break trip to Ghana, in fact a bit more recently than scheduled given a flight cancellation. Soulfège gave the group the 411 on the corporate structure of the music industry, and how their Million Download Campaign challenges the system and puts the power in the hands of the listeners and artists.

Derrick N. Ashong & Soulfège kept the groove going (photo: Jonathan Yu)

If you weren’t there, sorry, cause you missed out!

Blitz's Embassy Ensemble (photo: Jonathan Yu)

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Tweet at us #GMGE

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Got a question for Blitz, Paapa, or Prof. Jesse Shipley? Tweet at us with the hash tag #GMGE. We’ll project it during the panel tonight and answer your questions. Panel ~8 or ~8:15 pm EST. Live web stream at Props to Richard, Jon, and Corey on these tech items.

Check the vid

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Made by Dan Wriggins.

Want to hang with the GMGE artists?

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Get in touch. They’ll need Personal Assistants/Best Buddies while they’re here. That could mean a) guiding them to the closest restroom, b) dashing to CVS for V8 juice and a jar of honey, c) discussing the evolution of hip hop over sushi in the Coop café, d) all of the above. Blitz arrives Thursday afternoon, Derrick N. Ashong & Soulfège Friday afternoon. Paapa‘s a student at Reed and he’s probably okay, but if you want to hang with him that’s cool too.

Email with your name, school, year, preferred artist, and reason of interest.

Also get in touch if you have a car and can be on call for car run duty before the Friday concert. My mom baked treats and there may be rewards…

Ameyaw Debrah Gives Love to GMGE

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Ameyaw Debrah, “the voice for exclusive entertainment news” in Ghana and beyond, gives love to GMGE with a headlining article on his official website,

GMGE kicked off at Bryn Mawr tonight

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Rachel and Ntshadi were on DJ duty. We danced azonto to Fuse and Tiffany and played Atumpan’s  “The Thing“and P-Square’s “Chop My Money”  in Bryn Mawr’s Campus Center. Rachel and Zoe were the photographers of the night. Thanks to Crust Pizza for last minute napkins and forks, and Africans & Jamaicans Kitchen in Yeadon for the fried plantains and peas. Especially the peas.

Shout out to Meheret for picking up the food that arrived early (chale, can you believe?). At the screening + panel we’ll have jollof and chicken too, don’t miss… Haverford Sharpless Auditorium tomorrow.