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Relive GMGE

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Watch the videos.

This is Robin’s iPhone low-qual inside look footage, half of ’em from sound check…check back in two months for the professional quality film, headed by a team of the top bi-co filmmakers. Oh, and if you want to get involved in that project, email No experience necessary.

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We’re making a professional quality film of and about GMGE. Join the project! You could be involved in filming, running interviews, reviewing material, editing, etc. etc.

The project is being facilitated by Corey Chao and headed by some of the top filmmakers in the bi-co.¬†Whether you have the film skills of Sophia Coppola or my dear mother, there’s room for you to participate. You’ll pick up some skills, see the inside story of GMGE, and have a hand in the making of this exciting film. It’s going to be big! We’ll screen and share it in the bi-co, spread it to the GMGE artists’ fans, and make it go viral. Email