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Watch Paapa’s “Dear Grace” azonto remix

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“Dear Grace” video is now live! Watch, re-live, experience GMGE. See the AZONTO REMIX that had Haverford College dancing up a storm in Founders Great Hall. Check Paapa’s own azonto around 5:00.

Like the tune? Download the original “Dear Grace” free.

What’s azonto? Read this article from Dust, one of the hottest and most creative magazines coming out of Accra, Ghana.


Ghana’s Hottest Arts Network Covers GMGE

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ACCRA [dot] ALT, Ghana’s hottest arts network, gave loooove to GMGE. Check out the article and photo series (reblogged below).

Relive GMGE

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Watch the videos.

This is Robin’s iPhone low-qual inside look footage, half of ’em from sound check…check back in two months for the professional quality film, headed by a team of the top bi-co filmmakers. Oh, and if you want to get involved in that project, email No experience necessary.

Haverford Spotlights GMGE

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Read the article.

Liked the music? Get it FREE

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Download Paapa’s songs for free. Download Derrick N. Ashong & Soulfège’s album ‘AFropolitan’ for free. Listen to Blitz the Ambassador. Like them on Facebook: BlitzAmbassadorsoulfegepaapa.skillion. Follow on twitter @BlitzAmbassador, @ashong, @PaapaMusic

Check out the Links & Downloads page for more. Click here for the facebook album. Oh and if you haven’t seen, here’s the vid.

Want to hang with the GMGE artists?

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Get in touch. They’ll need Personal Assistants/Best Buddies while they’re here. That could mean a) guiding them to the closest restroom, b) dashing to CVS for V8 juice and a jar of honey, c) discussing the evolution of hip hop over sushi in the Coop café, d) all of the above. Blitz arrives Thursday afternoon, Derrick N. Ashong & Soulfège Friday afternoon. Paapa‘s a student at Reed and he’s probably okay, but if you want to hang with him that’s cool too.

Email with your name, school, year, preferred artist, and reason of interest.

Also get in touch if you have a car and can be on call for car run duty before the Friday concert. My mom baked treats and there may be rewards…

NMA Song Premiere

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The students from Nima Muhinmanchi Art in Accra, Ghana recorded their first song! We’ll premiere it at GMGE. Theme is “Out of the heart.” Music Workshop Leaders Kyekyeku (below) and Isa managed to keep the excited group under control, with help from Artistic Directors Musah and Larry.

Under the guidance of NMA Music Workshop Leader Kyekyeku, a professional musical artist in Accra, Ghana.