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Annie Risemberg

I am a junior at Bryn Mawr majoring in fine arts and concentrating in photography, which usually focuses on street portraits in West Philadelphia between 52nd and 60th streets. In January I returned from spending my fall semester at the University of Ghana in Accra, where I also created a body of photography work in the slum of Bukom. Studying and living in Ghana rather than a western country was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I plan to be back for more extended periods of time. I am familiar with the artists that are a part of the GMGE symposium from my time as a student there. I decided to be a part of GMGE to gain a better understanding of the pop culture I was exposed to on a daily basis in Ghana, and to help bring some of my amazing experience to the bi-co.

Ben Porten

int’l groove kollecta, illmatic chune selekta. holler @ me honeyz ❤ ❤ ❤

love to walter, larry, shep, kurtis, & apt one

Dede Buckman

Dingwei Li

Dionne Fritswa Wilson

Gloria Mensah

I am a senior at Swarthmore special majoring in Political Science and Anthropology/Sociology. I am involved in the Swarthmore African Society Association and have interned for Philadelphia Magazine, MetroCorp Inc. I am an avid listener of African musicians. Naeto C, Wizkid, and P Square are my favorite artists! I hope to obtain a Masters of Science in Management in Paris, France and pursue a career as a luxury and fashion brand manager.

Grace Gao

Helen Farley

I am a sophomore history major at Haverford with an interest in the visual arts. I’m looking to spend the summer in Accra, Ghana and was very fortunate to meet Robin who introduced me to the flourishing arts in Ghana. I wanted to be a part of GMGE because it provides us with a great opportunity to acquaint ourselves with contemporary cultural trends in our global community.

Ntshadi Mofokeng

Papa Buckman

Rachel Edmonds

Robin Riskin

I am a senior English major, Africana studies concentrator at Haverford, planning to enter a career that focuses on contemporary African art. I’ve spent the past two summers on CPGC internships in Ghana with the Junior Art Club. I connected with the artists participating in GMGE through Nima Muhinmanchi Art, a community art workshop program I co-founded last summer with the Nima artists Musah Swallah and Yussif Aminu Larry.

Sam Fox

I am a sophomore anthropology major at Haverford College. My interests include psychology, creative writing, and pop music. Last summer, I wrote for a local music magazine covering hip hop acts in Tucson, AZ. Working with GMGE this year is an exciting complement to that work, exploring the influences of the genre on a much larger scale.

Shireen Saxena

Silas Altheimer

A native of Little Rock, Arkansas and senior at Haverford College, I am a religion major studying the intersections between religion and politics in American society. After college, I will travel to Germany for the year under the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange fellowship to study international education. For GMGE, I am interested in the ways in which music is connected to the spirituality of artists.

Yuxin Jiang


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